אינסרט RIMPACT EDH לאופני DH וחשמליים


Rimpact EDH Tyre Inserts – For Downhill or Ebike Applications
Contents Per Pack:

1x EDH Tyre Inserts
1x 44mm, 55mm Rimpact Insert Compatible Valves or Peaty’s Valves
1x Vinyl Rim Decal Sheets

תשלום מאובטח באמצעות

60mm Wide
8mm Pro layer
Compatible with 2.4” – 2.8” tyres
Compatible with 30mm – 40mm rims

Optimised around 35mm rims and 2.5” tyres (narrower set ups will be much harder to install)
180g in 29” and 170g in 27.5”



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