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  • Triggy Alpha – The name speaks for itself – the new pack leader of dropper remotes.
    Since the beginning our Triggy has proven to be a favourite among many many pro riders and testers but with Triggy Alpha we have now set the bar even higher and we confidentally say:
    There is no better remote on the market.

    The video is pretty much explaining very well what makes Triggy Alpha stand out amongst others:


    • ball bearing on the paddle
    • angle-adjustable paddle
    • black anodized aluminum body and paddle with laser engraved finish
    • 2 available paddle lengths for crisp or soft dropper engagement
    • 2 mounting holes
    • integrated cable tensioner
    • direct mount for almost any brake available (see mounting options)
    • new cable clamping for universal dropper compatibility
    • extremely low weight: 32g/34g (short/long)
    • maximum cable pull: 11 mm

    The short version mimics our proven original Triggy paddle geometry.
    The long variant features a 7mm longer paddle and reduces the required forces by about 15%.

    Triggy Alpha is compatible with any commonly available aftermarket cable-actuated dropper post on the market.

    1 set Triggy Alpha includes:

    1x Triggy Alpha remote (short or long)
    1x shift cable
    1x wire endcap
    1x BikeYoke Splits Clamp or I-Spec Adapter (optional)


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