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Many dropper posts feature remotes, that do not live up to a standard, that you would expect, when paying a lot of money for a dropper post. Even the most expensive droppers out there often come with remotes, that have ridiculous play, are made from plastic, bulky, heavy, or just do not function as they could.

We put a lot of time and testing into the design of a remote lever that fulfils everything we want to see in a remote for dropper posts and since its introduction it has proven to be a favourite of many pro-riders and testers.

It is super leightweight (24g without clamp)

It is made from 6061-T6 aluminium with a CNC finish, black anodized and laser engraved

You can (but don´t have to) bolt it directly to the most common brakes without an extra clamp

It has an unrivaled finish and touch

You have individual mounting points to adjust position

It has an integrated cable tensioner

Triggy can can clamp the cable by a set screw or it can hold the cable nipple and is compatible with any cable actuated dropper.



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