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Well, what´s to say about our new DIVINE SL Rascal? Basically it's the shorter little brother of our world cup proven DIVINE SL, but unlike DIVINE SL, the new Rascal comes in a total length of only 320mm and can insert deeper and fully into the seattube of your frame – perfect for kids, short riders or gravel use.

Besides a different lower tube, DIVINE SL and Rascal share all other parts.

Tailored to the needs of XC, marathon racers and gravel enthusiasts, the DIVINE SL Rascal is the youngest offspring of our dropper family. Based on the award-winning and patented REVIVE technology, we´ve modified the internals to work perfectly with the shorter travel.

Of course, you can mount and use your DIVINE SL Rascal also on bikes outside the XC department. However, the DIVINE SL was specifically designed in respect of XC riders' requirements.

One of the features, is the "Tech-Climb" feature. While our DIVINE SL Rascal is completely locked in place in the top-out and bottom-out position for consistent riding position, the post can slightly spring in the middle positions. We´ve found out, that extremely steep and technical (e.g. rooty or rocky) uphill sections can be conquered with much more ease, when the saddle is just slightly dropped (lets say about 1-2cm). Having the saddle dropped just a bit (and not completely), the "Tech-Climb" feature" also adds some suspension to the post, flitering the impacts of roots and rocks. Back fully extended or fully dropped, the post is rigid again.

Titanium saddle bolts, carbon and oval rail compatible forged clamping plates, tapered tubes. All of this comes stock on the DIVINE SL Rascal to achieve a sensational low weight of 365g (30.9).

Of course, our DIVINE SL Rascal requires internal routing of the cable through your frame.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x DIVINE SL Rascal Seatpost
  • 1x cable housing 1600mm
  • 1x inner wire 1800mm
  • 2x housing endcap
  • 1x remote (optional)
  • 1x BikeYoke I-spec adapter or Splits clamp (optional)




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