WTB Trail Boss 29X2.6 TCS Tough Fast Rolling TT


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מידה: TCS Tough/Fast 29"x2.6. משקל: 1286 גרם.

זמינות: קיים במלאי

EAN: 714401107823 מק"ט: WTBW010-0782 קטגוריה:
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It’s a tall order to improve the tried-and-true Trail Boss tire, but that’s exactly what we’ve done. The new Trail Boss builds on perfection with a more aggressive tread pattern to match its increased volume. Generous spacing between sizable knobs provides better traction in loose or wet conditions, while staying true to its fleet-footed heritage. Large, supportive side knobs dig deeeeeeep, whether you’re leaning into a corner or grabbing a handful of brake. Most often used as a rear tire, the Trail Boss G2 also provides plentiful traction on hardpack trails when used on the front.


  • Considerably increased side knob height to provide unshakable traction even in truly loose, chunky terrain.
  • Thick outer knobs eliminate any chance of tire-squirm while cornering.
  • Overall knob spacing was increased, meaning we increased the spacing not only outward, but also circumferentially.
  • Pairs perfectly with a Vigilante 2.5 or 2.6 on the front.

USAGE:  Trail / Enduro
CONDITIONS:  Loose Over Hard / Dirt / Loose / Rocky

Size: 29×2.6

Level: TCS Light/Fast Rolling

ETRTO: 65-622

GMS: 62/66

Tubeless Compatibility: TCS Tubeless

Casing: Dual-ply 60 tpi

Weight: 1286g

Compound: TriTec


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