Shimano SAINT BL-M820 סט מעצורים קדמי+אחורי

המחיר המקורי היה: 1,978.00 ₪.המחיר הנוכחי הוא: 1,839.54 ₪.

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מק"ט: BL820B קטגוריה: תגיות: , , , , ,
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SHIMANO SAINT- Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever – I-SPEC B Clamp Band – SERVO WAVE Action

The world's best gravity riders rely on SHIMANO SAINT brakes to deliver ultimate stopping power and nuanced modulation no matter the conditions. For sure braking in the roughest terrain, the BL-M820 levers are textured and feature tool-free reach adjust, Free Stroke adjustment, and I-spec B compatibility.

Ergonomic antiskid lever

Lighter short Servo Wave lever

Free Stroke & tool less Reach Adjust

I-spec compatible

Weight: 103.2g


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