Schwalbe Magic Mary 27.5X2.8 ADDIX Soft


Schwalbe Magic Mary 27.5X2.8  ADDIX Soft 70-584 Evo, Apex, SnakeSkin, TLE

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מק"ט: SCH11601012 קטגוריה:
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The Ultimate Gravity Tire:
– Indisputably the favorite among Schwalbe Downhill and Enduro athletes. Perfect all-round characteristics for almost all tracks and conditions. The sophisticated intermediate profile is combined with the best compounds and construction, pushing the limits
to surprizing levels.


– Strong shoulder studs and aggressive, open tread design provide maximum braking traction and cornering grip even in extremely muddy terrain.
– Equipped with V-Groves specially developed for Magic Mary, every stud can bite into the ground for even more grip.
– Angled studs in the middle of the tread optimise the rolling characteristics.


– Size: 70-584 (27.5 x 2.80)
– Performance: Evo, Apex, SnakeSkin, TLE
– Compound: Addix Soft


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