Red Monkey Pinx 6.5mm גריפים


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Designed for the XC racer or riders needing a thicker grip. 6.5mm of 100% silicone compound provides even more vibration damping and superior comfort! The silicone compound used in RedMonkey grips is softer than other silicone grips on the market offering a lush feel at the bar.

Occasionally, you'll go down, and your grips take a bit of a beating. With other silicone grips, a small tear is the beginning of a separation process that renders the grips useless. Due to RedMonkey's manufacturing process, these grips can withstand a small tear without ripping further. In other words, a crash doesn't automatically mean a new pair of grips. Rejoice!

• 50% of the profit RedMonkey Sports receives from the sale of P?nx are donated to various breast cancer organizations
• Extra 100% Silicone weather resistant material
• High vibration damping compound
• Perfect for longer rides
• Fits Mountain Bike bars 22.2 mm
• Length: 133mm (5.25")
• Grip Padding: 6.5mm
• Made in the USA


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