PILO D79 אוזן למעביר אחורי

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PILO D79 אוזן למעביר אחורי

מק"ט: PILD79 קטגוריה: תגיות: , , ,
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Manufactured using CNC technology

Made of 6061 T651 aluminum


Bolts included 

Distance between the 2 small threaded holes (center to center) is 18mm



aka KHS PN 73-079-190

FITS: Tandem Alite '03 to '07, Tandem Cross '06 and '07, Tandem Milano ‘06 and '07



2006 – Arriba


Aka MARIN hanger #5

Fits alloy Hardtail models:

2000 – Bobcat Trail, Hawk Hill / SE

Fits Comfort (26") models:

2000 – Madrone Trail


Also fits various TITUS, JAMIS and MOTIV models


Pilo D79 and D246 hangers compared


Please compare the picture to the hanger you have on your bike in order to find the right one or send a photo


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