PILO D36 אוזן למעביר אחורי

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PILO D36 אוזן למעביר אחורי

מק"ט: PILD36 קטגוריה: תגיות: , , ,
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A must have spare part !

Manufactured using CNC technology

Made of 6061 T651 aluminum, Anodized



Fits Warrior full-suspension bikes, Warrior 6.0 / 4.0


Yakuza Dual Suspensions (Aniki, Ojiki and Kumicho)

Azure, Sachem 6.0, Sachem 4.0, Maverick, Hillbilly (old frames)

**will not fit the 7 point and 6 point series (for those frames we have a different hanger)


2009 Sidewinder

Also fits some frames by JEEP, SCHWINN & COLUMBIA

Please compare the picture to the hanger you have on your bike in order to find the right one or send us a photo 


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PILO D36 אוזן למעביר אחוריPILO D36 אוזן למעביר אחורי
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