PILO C42 30T Narrow Wide for RaceFace Direct גלגל שיניים פלטה קדמית


גלגל שיניים פלטה קידמית 30 שיניים מתאים לרייספייס CINCH

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PILO Precise CNC Chainring milled from 7075 T7351 billet aircraft grade Aluminium,

The material we are using made by Constellium Switzerland.

Narrow wide chainring for Race Face Cranks

Fits direct mount Race Face, 30 teeth.

Our tooth geometry is highly engineered from DIN8196 (ISO), tested and proved to be the best, we did not invent anything, we just did it right ! 

That's why our CNC chainring is durable, quiet in operation and works exceptionally well.

Weight – 58 grams

Finish – Hard Black Anodized


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