Moon Meteor Storm LITE פנס קדמי נטען


פנס קדמי נטען, איכותי ושורד שעות. 1100 לומן

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Moon are dedicated to the quality of their products. Attention to detail and fine craftsmanship is key to the production of their high quality lights. Every feature of a Moon Sport product is tested and reviewed by engineers and product designers. Every new design goes through rigorous reviews and calculations. Moon Sport's professional team thoroughly tests each product to its limits, in order to produce the best lights in the industry. Moon are always brainstorming new designs to make riding safer for all, making your safety their concern.

Moon Meteor Storm Lite Front Light 1100 Lumens

The Meteor Storm Lite is a deceiving bright front light that is able to light up the road or trail ahead. The Meteor is designed for style and output, the combination of 2 CREE XML2 LEDs provides up to 1100 a maximum of lumen output. The powerful front light is ideal for all cycling uses and can even be operated using a wired remote control. The Meteor is packed with 11 modes, with the introduction of day flash, you won't be missed on the road. To aid in reducing the temperature in the system, the Meteor lite is designed with an aluminium body and comes equipped with over heat protection. The light has an IPX 4 waterproof rating so you don't have to worry about riding in the worst conditions and losing function. Being USB rechargeable, this makes it very easy, just charge, turn on and go!


  • 2 CREE XM-L2 high brightness LED.
  • Matrix LED Display.
  • CNC aluminium heat sink casing.
  • Day flash.
  • High precision optical lens.
  • Mode memory function.
  • 11 Modes: Boost mode, SOS mode, 5 steady modes & 4 flashing modes.
  • Brightness (Lumens) – BOOST: 1100, Mode 1: 800, Mode 2: 600, Mode 3: 400, Mode 4: 200, Mode 5: 100, FL 1: 20, FL 2: 100, FL 3: 400, DAY FL: 400.
  • Run time (Hours) – BOOST: 1:00, Mode 1: 1:30, Mode 2: 2:00, Mode 3: 2:50, Mode 4: 6:00, Mode 5: 12:00, FL 1: 105:00, FL 2: 35:00, FL 3: 24:00, DAY FL: 65:00, SOS: 90:00.
  • Over heat protection system.
  • Quick release handlebar mount (fits 22-35mm).
  • Quick release helmet mount included.
  • Magnetic battery cover design.
  • 105 maximum hours.
  • USB remote control system.
  • Recharge Time: 6 hrs.
  • Water resistant USB cable.
  • Water resistant (IPX 4).
  • Size (W x D x H) 115.5 x 48 x 34mm.
  • Weight: 210g.


  • Meteor Storm light unit.
  • RB-26 (Handlebar bracket).
  • RB-16 (Helmet bracket).
  • USB-WP (Water resistant USB cable).
  • USB-RM-350 (USB remote control 350 mm).
  • LX-BAT-2600 (SAMSUNG Li-ion battery 2600 mAh) X 2.
  • MS-BC (Magnetic cover).

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