Lazer Jackal MIPS CE Matte Blue קסדת שטח

המחיר המקורי היה: 899.00 ₪.המחיר הנוכחי הוא: 764.15 ₪.

קסדת שטח אנדורו איכותית ונוחה עם הגנת MIPS ויכולת לשאת גוגלס

מק"ט: BLC2217889139 קטגוריות: , תגיות: , , , , ,
תשלום מאובטח באמצעות

Lazer Jackal helmet provides you with unmatched comfort and security on your ride. The Advanced Turnfit® System provides easy retention while a magnetic buckle closure makes it easy to handle the helmet even with gloves on. The eyewear friendly open face also allows enough room for a goggle while the back part of the helmet has grips to stop the strap from slipping. The goggle can even be parked on the helmet with the adjustable visor in the up-most position. Brow vents and internal air channeling keep your head cool ,while an optional LED attachment keeps you visible as you back from the trails after an evening of railing it. Record your adventures by securely attaching your action camera mount to the helmet using the provided action camera mount.

  • Fit System:  Advanced Turnfit® system
  • Sizes:    S / M / L.
  • Weight:    340g (Size Small CE).
  • LED:       Compatible ATS LED.
  • Lazer Advanced Turnfit® System.
  • Adjustable Head Basket.
  • Inlet and Exhaust Ventilation.
  • Goggle Strap Grip.
  • Adjustable Visor.
  • Film Your Adventures.
  • Eyewear-Friendly Recesses.
  • Bottom Shell.
  • Ultralight Magnetic Buckle.
  • Color: matte blue.



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