iXS Trigger Goggles משקף רכיבה גוגלס שחור

המחיר המקורי היה: 399.00 ₪.המחיר הנוכחי הוא: 359.10 ₪.

iXS Trigger משקף גוגלס שחור

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מק"ט: IXS2583 קטגוריה: תגיות: , , ,
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The Trigger Goggle impresses with its performance ratio and its almost unrivaled field of vision which gets the maximum viewing angle out of it and a top price performance. Easy handling, a large variety of different lenses for all light and weather conditions and their compatibility with the iXS Roll-Off and Tear-Off System round off their properties.

  • Wide viewing angle for an unobstructed field of view (178 ° x78 °)
  • 3-layer foam for improved comfort
  • 45mm glasses strap
  • Outriggers for perfect fitting with various helmets
  • EN1938 certified


  • Mirrored lens
  • anti fog
  • anti scratch
  • clear single lens

INFO: Trigger can be retrofitted with the polarized lens or the roll-off system.


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