משאבת בולם BIKEYOKE 500


משאבת בולם BIKEYOKE 500
לעבודה עד לחץ של 500 PSI

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EAN: 4713291521173 מק"ט: SHOPU קטגוריה:
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With a maximum of 500psi, this pump allows higher pressures than most other pumps on the market.
Ideal for your dropper seatpost or high pressure shocks.

We suggest to use in combination with our valve adapter for easy attachment.


  • High quality aluminum body with the ability to handle extra high pressure – up to 500psi
  • Two-step valve prevents air loss when disconnecting from dropper, fork or shock
  • Long stroke design for less pump effort
  • Release button allows precise pressure reduction

Recommended pressures for BikeYoke droppers:

  • REVIVE & REVIVE MAX: 250psi (maximum pressure = 260psi)
  • DIVINE & DIVINE SL: 300psi (maximum pressure = 350psi)



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